Alison L. McConnell

Lights! Camera! States Vie for Film-Making Action

By: - February 9, 2005

To boost economic activity and job growth, state officials increasingly are heeding the adage:  “There’s no business like show business.”  State economic development officials know that when Hollywood filmmakers come to town, dollars flow to local hotels, restaurants and stores, to say nothing of the on-the-set jobs created for camera grips, wardrobe assistants and tape […]

States Look Beyond Quotas to Promote Minority Firms

By: - January 11, 2005

The reality TV program, produced by the state’s Office of Minority Affairs , selected two lucky winners for an overhaul of their marketing strategies, management style and office space. The show, whose pilot episodes aired in October and November, is one example of the innovative ways states are promoting business ownership among minorities and women […]

No ‘Year of the Woman’ in 2004 Elections

By: - November 10, 2004

Fewer women ran for state political office this year and the percentage of women in state legislatures stayed flat despite some noteworthy successes results that add up to a worrisome trend in the view of political activists. “It’s leveled off, unfortunately,” said Pat Carpenter, president of The WISH List, a Washington, D.C. group that searches […]

State Candidates Blaze Digital Campaign Trail

By: - October 15, 2004

A gubernatorial candidate in Vermont runs an online auction to raise money for his campaign. A U.S. Senate candidate from Oklahoma offers personalized greeting cards on his Web site. An Indiana gubernatorial hopeful posts digital photos of his RV tour of the state. A cruise of state candidates’ Web sites this election year uncovers an […]