Carl Hilliard

Colorado Senate Leader A Precedent-Setter

By: - April 19, 2001

When the vote was counted in last November’s general election, Colorado’s Democrats found themselves in a strange but not unwelcome position. After 40 years in the minority, the Democrats had won a one-seat majority in the State Senate. Two days later, Stan Matsunaka, a quiet, modest Asian-American lawmaker from Loveland, was elected by his caucus […]

Colorado Legislators Spell Out 2001 Priorities

By: - December 27, 2000

DENVER — Majority Republicans in the Colorado House of Representatives want to attack the problems of growth, education and transportation, in that order, when the 2001 Legislature convenes Jan. 10. Majority Democrats in the state Senate would like to put transportation at the top of the list, with educational improvement and attacking crime next in […]