Doug Cunningham

Wisconsin Corruption Charges a Political Bombshell

By: - October 18, 2002

In a state that used to pride itself on clean, progressive state government it is a political bombshell. State Senate Majority Leader Chuck Chvala (D-Madison) and Assembly Speaker Scott Jensen (R-Waukesha) are both charged with felony misconduct in office, including allegations of extortion and conspiracy to violate campaign contribution laws. The Milwaukee District Attorney’s office […]

Wisconsin Politics Gets Stranger and Stranger

By: - August 27, 2002

Wisconsin politics gets stranger and stranger. In the latest bizarre twist, the Democratic majority leader of the state Senate has unmasked himself as the mastermind of a move that ended the gubernatorial campaign of a fellow Democratic state senator. State Senate Majority Leader Chuck Chvala (D-Madison) has revealed he was the political puppet master who […]

Budget Plan Gives Wisconsin Big Political Issue

By: - January 28, 2002

Wisconsin Gov. Scott McCallum has triggered an election year battle with his proposal to phase out a 90 year-old program of state aid to local governments to erase a $1.2 billion state budget deficit. The politically risky plan, fiercely opposed by many urban leaders and Democratic legislative leaders, would reduce the $1 billion per year […]

Probe Clouds Wisconsin Legislature

By: - December 11, 2001

An investigation is underway of Wisconsin’s legislature that threatens to reach all the way to Republican Scott Jensen, the Assembly Speaker, and Democrat Chuck Chvala, the Senate Majority Leader. At issue are charges that caucus staffers who answer to the legislative leaders illegally used state resources for partisan campaigning. The charges have led to the […]