Evan Potler

Infographic: The Aging States of America

By: and - August 26, 2011

As the baby boomers grow older, America is getting older, too. According to the 2010 census, the nation’s median age has increased to 37.2, up from 35.3 in 2000. The aging trend held up in every state — only the District of Columbia has a younger median age now than a decade ago. For states, […]

Infographic: ‘Frontloading’ of Primaries and Caucuses Eases in 2012

By: and - August 19, 2011

If you wanted to be a major-party presidential nominee three years ago, you would have been well-advised to pack a thick parka and extra-long underwear. In 2008, Democrats and Republicans in nearly three dozen states held a primary election or caucus in January or February. Those winter votes represented the culmination of a decades-long trend toward […]