Mike Hasten

Mold-Breaking Rivals Vie in Louisiana Runoff Election

By: - October 15, 2003

Regardless of the outcome of the Nov. 15 election, Louisiana will make history — either the first woman or the first non-white male will be elected governor. Like voters in most states, Louisiana residents will choose between a Republican and a Democrat in the election. But a two-party clash is not automatic since Louisiana has […]

Fiscal Gimmickry Gives Louisiana Budget Headache

By: - June 4, 2002

Unlike their cohorts in 43 other states, Louisiana’s legislators came into session this year with a budget that could be balanced simply by staying with the status quo. But a battle that’s expected to rage until the Legislature’s June 12 adjournment threatens to make Louisiana budget trouble state No. 44. It all started April 29 […]