Rob Gunnison

California Might Set HMO Patients’ Rights Trend

By: - October 14, 1999

California, which boasts the sixth largest economy in the world, is often a national trailblazer in making public policy. So its new laws regulating managed health care will be examined closely by other states. The patients-rights package sailed through the Golden State legislature even as the U.S. Congress in Washington remained deeply divided on HMO […]

California Legislators Duck Euthanasia Debate

By: - June 10, 1999

SACRAMENTO – The emotionally freighted issue of physician-assisted suicide has turned conventional political wisdom on its head in California. Despite overwhelming public support, a bill in the state Assembly that would let doctors prescribe lethal drugs to terminally ill patients so they could take their own lives has stalled for the year. Assemblywoman Dion Aroner, […]

Sacramento Computer Woes Belie California’s High Tech Image

By: - March 19, 1999

SACRAMENTO – In California, where the modern electronics industry was born six decades ago, state government has stumbled from one expensive computer purchasing disaster to the next. The Department of Motor Vehicles is the latest agency to fall into a quagmire of expense, delay and legislative criticism. Between 1988-94, the department spent more than million […]

California Gov Aggressive on Education Reform

By: - February 10, 1999

With public opinion polls showing education far and away the top issue among California voters, Governor Gray Davis began his new administration by calling a special session of the Legislature to enact his school overhaul package. “My first priority in fact, my first, second and third priority is education,” the 56-year-old Democrat said in his […]