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Top State Stories 2/16

By: - February 16, 2023

CA: California’s population dropped by 500K in 2 years as exodus continues The California exodus has shown no sign of slowing down as the state’s population dropped by more than 500,000 people between April 2020 and July 2022, with the number of residents leaving surpassing those moving in by nearly 700,000. California has been […]

Top State Stories 2/15

By: - February 15, 2023

MI: Michigan Democratic leaders to introduce 3 gun safety measures in wake of MSU shooting Michigan Democratic lawmakers, responding to the deadly shootings at Michigan State University, said that they have a new opportunity to introduce legislation to address gun violence in the state that stalled in the past. While they provided a general […]

Top State Stories 2/14

By: - February 14, 2023

OK: Oklahoma considers separating state and federal elections if voting rights acts pass State Rep. Denise Crosswhite Rader sponsored a bill that would establish a mechanism for Oklahoma to separate state and federal elections should Congress pass certain voting reforms. The bill appears likely to move forward in the Republican-controlled legislature, where legislative leaders […]

Top State Stories 2/13

By: - February 13, 2023

FL: Florida sports board removes menstrual questions for high school athletes, but adds ‘sex at birth’ The Florida High School Athletic Association walked back a controversial proposal to require female high school athletes to disclose information regarding their menstrual history, following scathing criticism from students, parents, physicians, advocacy organizations and some lawmakers. A new […]

Top State Stories 2/10

By: - February 10, 2023

TX: Texas sues federal government over new rule reclassifying some pistols as short-barreled rifles Texas Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit against President Joe Biden, claiming that an amended rule from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives violates Americans’ Second Amendment rights. TN:Tennessee GOP seeks to use Medicaid to influence insurance companies on […]

Top State Stories 2/9

By: - February 9, 2023

TX: Texas governor tells state agencies to stop considering diversity in hiring In a memo obtained by The Texas Tribune, Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s chief of staff, Gardner Pate, told agency leaders that using diversity, equity and inclusion policies in hiring violates federal and state employment laws, and hiring cannot be based on factors “other […]

Top State Stories 2/8

By: - February 8, 2023

MN: Minnesota governor signs carbon-free energy bill, prompting threat of lawsuit Democratic Gov. Tim Walz signed a bill that requires Minnesota’s electrical utilities to transition to 100% carbon-free energy sources by 2040. The move has brought a threat of a lawsuit from North Dakota, where officials say the Minnesota law goes too far to […]

Top State Stories 2/7

By: - February 7, 2023

KS: Kansas AG says abortion pill effort violates state law, despite court stay Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach said in a letter to Walgreens executives that state law forbids the company’s plans to offer the abortion pill mifepristone through the mail. The law Kobach cited, however, was blocked by the Kansas Court of Appeals in […]

Top State Stories 2/6

By: - February 6, 2023

VT: Vermont Senate bill would expand aid-in-dying to those living outside the state The Vermont bill would strike the residency requirements from the state’s 2013 aid-in-dying law, which protects licensed health care providers from being prosecuted for writing a lethal prescription for a patient. In August, a Connecticut woman sued Vermont for the right to end her […]

Top State Stories 2/3

By: - February 3, 2023

US: Republican AGs warn CVS, Walgreens not to mail abortion pills A group of 20 Republican state attorneys general told Walgreens and CVS that they risk running afoul of federal and state law if they dispense the abortion drug mifepristone by mail. The move comes weeks after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for […]

Top State Stories 2/2

By: - February 2, 2023

CA: Fighting to avoid massive water cuts, California offers proposal on Colorado River crisis California has given the federal government its own counterproposal for apportioning reductions of Colorado River water, saying a plan offered by six other states would disproportionately burden farms and cities in Southern California. MN: Minnesota lawmakers consider police changes after […]

Top State Stories 2/1

By: - February 1, 2023

FL: Florida governor proposes sweeping higher education measures aimed at ‘indoctrination’ Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis announced a package of major changes to the state’s higher education system, including tighter controls on faculty tenure, the establishment of “civics institutes” at three universities and prohibitions on diversity, equity and inclusion programs. AR: Arkansas Senate panel […]