Steven Walters

Wisconsin Voters Enjoying the Limelight

By: - October 12, 2000

MADISON — It’s been decades — maybe since John F. Kennedy’s Democratic bid for the presidency in 1960 — since Wisconsin has had a presidential primary fight that really meant something. The state’s April primary now comes so late, it amounts to a collective, “Us, too,” in the quadrennial balloting to select the Republican and […]

Wisconsin’s Tommy Thompson – Eyeing New Horizons?

By: - January 27, 1999

Wisconsin’s capitol, the political preserve of Republican Gov. Tommy G. Thompson for 13 years, is getting reacquainted with political diversity. Other players are emerging from the political spell cast by the 57-year-old four-term governor, who has thrice enjoyed the magic of a 60 percent reelection margin. Thompson has made being Wisconsin’s governor a job to […]