Fiscal and Economic Policy

New Jersey Lawmakers Send Minimum Wage Boost to Governor

BY: - December 4, 2012

Low-wage workers in New Jersey would get a major raise under legislation now on the governor’s desk. The state Assembly Monday (December 3) passed a bill that would increase the minimum wage from $7.25 to $8.50, an amount that would be adjusted for inflation each year. Based upon current trends, that could put the wage […]

In the West, GOP Governors, Skeptical of Cap-and-Trade, Will Watch California

BY: - December 3, 2012

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz — Utah Governor Gary Herbert is skeptical about the viability of large-scale carbon trading in the United States, but says he is “absolutely” watching as California continues rolling out its unprecedented two-week-old cap-and-trade system. Should California’s experiment work, states should take note, he told Stateline Sunday (December 2). If it fails, “we’ll be […]

Best of #StateReads: N. C. Regulators Miss Catching Cheating Businesses

BY: - August 29, 2012

This week’s collection of #StateReads shows how a lack of cooperation among North Carolina regulators let businesses avoid buying workers’ compensation insurance, how Alaska may be able to boost its waning oil production and why Texas is rethinking a law making repeat offenses for prostitution a felony. These examples of extraordinary journalism about state government […]

Alabama’s Largest County Faces Bankruptcy Without State Help

BY: - August 22, 2012

Demonstrators picket outside the Jefferson County courthouse in Birmingham, Alabama, as commissioners debate the largest county bankruptcy in U.S. history. (AP) After Alabama’s worst-ever tornado outbreak struck two-thirds of the state last year, killing 230 people, the governor and lawmakers immediately united to lead an effort to clean up debris, speed aid to victims and […]