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‘Fab Five’ Give Arizona Something to Brag About

BY: - February 3, 1999

Arizona has become a political trailblazer by installing women in its top five elected posts — a first among the 50 states. “We have varying responsibilities, we have different styles and we even may have some philosophical differences. But we share a commitment to working together for the betterment of the state of Arizona,” Gov. […]

Young Artists Mark California’s Changing of the Guard

BY: - February 2, 1999

According to California schoolchildren, the same things that have historically drawn more people to the Golden State than to any other part of the country will propel it into the 21st Century – the Pacific Ocean, dreams of fame, and a diverse culture and landscape.  Artwork that incorporates those images was assembled into a mosaic […]

Wisconsin’s Tommy Thompson – Eyeing New Horizons?

BY: - January 27, 1999

Wisconsin’s capitol, the political preserve of Republican Gov. Tommy G. Thompson for 13 years, is getting reacquainted with political diversity. Other players are emerging from the political spell cast by the 57-year-old four-term governor, who has thrice enjoyed the magic of a 60 percent reelection margin. Thompson has made being Wisconsin’s governor a job to […]

Texas Gov Bush A Devolution Fan

BY: - January 21, 1999

George W. Bush, the popular Texas governor and early favorite of political handicappers for next year’s Republican presidential nomination, strongly advocates shifting money and power away from Washington to state and local government. In an interview with stateline.org, Bush said he believes accountability is heightened rather than diminished by the current trend toward government decentralization, […]

Welcome To Our Website

BY: - January 14, 1999

For the past five months, the staff of the Pew Center on the States has been working to make this site a useful news and research tool for journalists, policy makers and just plain citizens who wish to follow state government developments. We think you’ll find a wealth of useful infomration here, but Stateline.org is […]