Y2K Preparedness Reports, Other Info On Internet

BY: - May 20, 1999

WASHINGTON – Not surprisingly, volumes of Y2K information are floating in cyberspace, ranging from millennium sky-is-falling and head-in-the-sand ruminations from private citizens to Y2K web sites maintained by some of the public sector’s top computer experts. In the final installment of our four-part Y2K series, looks at some of the most helpful sites. One […]

States Brace For Y2K With Legislation As Well As Computer Fixes

BY: - May 19, 1999

WASHINGTON – For states coming to grips with Y2K preparations, the task calls for more than tweaking computer systems to keep them running beyond December 31, 1999. Technical advice is being extended to businesses and local governments seeking millennium bug protection. State-regulated services such as utilities are under close scrutiny to make sure they get […]

States Spending More than $3 Billion On Y2K Problem

BY: - May 18, 1999

WASHINGTON – To assure that their computer systems are Y2K-ready as of next New Year’s Day, 43 states are spending more than $3.3 billion. That doesn’t include what Arkansas, Oregon, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, West Virginia and Vermont have earmarked to ward off the millennium bug. None of those states reported their¬†cost assessments to the […]

States Vary Widely In Y2K Compliance Progress

BY: - May 17, 1999

WASHINGTON – Only seven months remain before states confront the much-ballyhooed millennium bug, the Y2K computer glitch. Nebraska and North Dakota say they have already ensured their computers will function properly on Jan. 1, 2000; 19 other states claim to have completed three-quarters or more of the work. Sixteen more say they have finished at […]

Electronic Wine and Drug Sales Causes Stir In States

BY: - May 3, 1999

WASHINGTON – The cyber marketplace seems to know no geographical boundaries, but Web-surfing wine connoisseurs and e-pharmacy shoppers should check their state laws before they order a case of California Chardonnay or a vial of Viagra with the click of their computer mouse.¬† pharmacy shoppers better check their state’s laws before they order a case […]

Sacramento Computer Woes Belie California’s High Tech Image

BY: - March 19, 1999

SACRAMENTO – In California, where the modern electronics industry was born six decades ago, state government has stumbled from one expensive computer purchasing disaster to the next. The Department of Motor Vehicles is the latest agency to fall into a quagmire of expense, delay and legislative criticism. Between 1988-94, the department spent more than $50 […]