Govs Choosing Sides Early In Presidential Race

BY: - October 13, 1999

When Arizona Gov. Jane Dee Hull announced her endorsement of Texas Gov. George W. Bush’s presidential bid last month, she became the 24th of the 31 (counting Bush) Republican governors to do so. Though that number bodes well for the Bush campaign, some statehouse watchers doubt it will have much impact on in-state politics for […]

Alabama Lottery No Longer Sure Bet

BY: - October 7, 1999

MONTGOMERY — A month ago, Alabama seemed almost certain to join 37 other states and the District of Columbia that raise revenue through lotteries. But as the Oct. 12 referendum draws near, the word “certain” has been replaced by “likely.” Voters will be deciding whether to adopt a constitutional amendment that would remove a barrier […]

States Defy Critics By Changing Welfare Culture Faster Than Expected

BY: - June 25, 1999

WASHINGTON — Three years after the states officially took the reins of the nation’s welfare system, their social service agencies have adopted policies that observers say have resulted in profound change, particularly in the message sent to welfare recipients. Previous attempts by Congress to mandate work for adults on welfare met with only limited success, […]

Tribes Follow States In Pursuit of Tobacco Money

BY: - June 21, 1999

WASHINGTON — Emboldened by the $206 billion tobacco lawsuit settlement that has enriched the coffers of 46 states, Native American tribes across the nation are following suit and bringing legal action themselves. In the most recent case, a coalition of 22 tribes from five states filed a federal lawsuit in California on June 3 claiming […]

States Vary On How To Spend Tobacco Settlement Billions

BY: - January 22, 1999

With forty-six states and five U.S. territories preparing to collect initial payments of the $206 billion tobacco settlement, proposals ranging from establishing scholarships in Nevada to auctioning off Louisiana’s full settlement have emerged. Governors and legislators are being warned to temper their plans, however, because of federal threats to take as much as fifty percent […]

Clinton School Accountability Plan Draws Skepticism

BY: - January 20, 1999

President Clinton’s State of the Union proposal to demand greater accountability of public schools in return for federal dollars is getting more boos than cheers from the groups that shape federal education policy. “We don’t want to see a program in which state and local school districts are held hostage to standards set in Washington,” […]