Rhode Island

Addiction Treatment May Be Coming to a Pharmacy Near You

BY: - February 24, 2023

Despite an overdose epidemic that killed 107,000 people last year, nearly 9 in 10 Americans who need medication to treat their addiction to deadly opioids aren’t receiving it. Surprising new results from a first-of-its-kind study in Rhode Island could hold a key to getting addiction medication to more people who need it: allowing patients to […]

A Slew of State Proposals Shows the Threat of ‘Forever Chemicals’

BY: - February 14, 2023

In rivers and groundwater, in human bloodstreams and products ranging from cosmetics to food packaging to carpets, researchers are increasingly finding “forever chemicals” that don’t break down naturally and are shown to cause myriad health issues. State lawmakers across the country want to tackle the growing problem. Several states have passed landmark laws in recent […]

States, Cities Scramble to Combat Animal ‘Tranq’ in Street Drugs

BY: - February 8, 2023

As a dangerous new additive found in fentanyl and other street drugs surges from coast to coast, health officials in nearly every state are scrambling to track it.   Xylazine, a large-animal tranquilizer not approved for human use, started showing up routinely in the drug supply in 2019, but didn’t take off until the coronavirus […]

‘Green Banks,’ Poised for Billions in Climate Funds, Draw States’ Attention

BY: - January 9, 2023

In recent years, several states have created or helped to fund specialized banks that lend money to homeowners and businesses for energy-saving and climate projects. Now, states have billions more reasons to establish such institutions, known as green banks. Congress last year approved a Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund of billion, largely to pour money into […]

As Overdose Deaths Rise, Few Emergency Rooms Offer Addiction Help

BY: - December 9, 2022

CHARLESTON, S.C. — Even in this easygoing, subtropical city, the onset of winter and the stress of the holidays can test the mettle of anyone trying to quit opioids.   “As soon as temperatures start to drop and it gets chilly in the mornings, we see more people coming into the emergency department looking for […]

More States Back Offshore Wind, Citing Economic Potential

BY: - July 29, 2022

Many states are looking to offshore wind as a key source of clean energy that’s essential in their fight against climate change. Other states are just looking to cash in. “States and regions that invest in offshore wind are going to benefit greatly economically,” said South Carolina state Rep. Jason Elliott, a Republican. “If South […]

Rhode Island Raises Rifle-Purchasing Minimum Age to 21

BY: - June 22, 2022

Rhode Island has joined a growing list of states that have increased the minimum age to buy rifles, shotguns and semi-automatic rifles from 18 to 21. Democratic Gov. Dan McKee this week signed a package of gun measures passed after recent high-profile mass shootings in Buffalo, New York, and Uvalde, Texas. The package includes bills […]

More States Shield Against Rogue Abortion Prosecutions

BY: - May 4, 2022

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to correct Farah Diaz-Tello’s name and title. Last month, 26-year-old Lizelle Herrera was arrested in Texas and charged with murder over a self-induced abortion. A hospital had reported the abortion to law enforcement. But prosecutors later acknowledged she shouldn’t have been prosecuted and dropped the charge. “In reviewing […]

More States Consider Bills to Prohibit Discrimination Against Black Hair

BY: - March 31, 2022

This year, more states are weighing measures to prohibit hair discrimination in work or school settings, joining 14 other states that have enacted similar laws over the past few years. For decades, Black Americans have been villainized and discriminated against because of their natural hair, whether they’re showcasing their hair texture or wearing protective styles […]

Surviving Small Restaurants Push Forward as Pandemic Ebbs

BY: - March 22, 2022

Read Stateline coverage of the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. CLARKSDALE, Miss. — For two years, Naomi King, an Australian native who owns Levon’s Bar and Grill in Clarksdale, Mississippi, pivoted her business model in more ways than one. The coronavirus pandemic forced her and her husband, Jonathan King, to cut the staff by […]

States Craft Their COVID Exit Strategies

BY: - February 15, 2022

Read more Stateline coverage of how schools are affected by and responding to COVID-19. As omicron fades and scientists consider when to declare COVID-19 endemic—and, therefore, here to stay—in the United States, governors in 10 states last week leapfrogged federal recommendations and dropped mask mandates. One by one, governors and health officials in California, Connecticut, […]

Educators Warn Bills to Give Parents More Power Could Push Teachers Out

BY: - February 11, 2022

Mostly Republican governors and legislators in more than a dozen states are fighting to give parents more control over what their children learn in public schools, banking on so-called parents’ rights bills as a political winner. But educators worry that empowering parents to veto books and history lessons would push many already stressed teachers out […]