wildlife management

A pinyon jay.

Political appointees set state wildlife policy. Critics say that’s a problem.

BY: - June 7, 2023

Hunters, tree-huggers and bird-watchers alike think New Mexico’s wildlife management system is broken. This year, they united behind a bill to restructure the state’s Game Commission, which oversees hunting, fishing and other wildlife policies. Over the past several years, the commission has seen numerous appointees submit their resignations or get forced out by Gov. Michelle […]

A northern leopard frog.

State wildlife agencies focus on ‘hook and bullet’ work. Some see a new path.

BY: - May 31, 2023

SEATTLE — The Cascade red fox, which lives high in the mountains of Washington state, is struggling to survive. State wildlife managers want to send researchers into the field to find out why. They’re also aiming to vaccinate pygmy rabbits against a deadly virus, restore habitat to support the Taylor’s checkerspot butterfly and establish new […]